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Cairns Day Tours

Birding · Birding with a Camera (BWC)® · Photography

Cairns is nestled in an extremely rich area of the Wet Tropics in northeast Queensland, where a diverse array of habitats can be reached very easily, including wetland areas such as coastlines, tidal flats, and tropical wetlands, as well as discrete forest types, including lowland and upland rainforests, as well as vast open eucalypt savannas, containing within them a mosaic of remnant monsoon forest. Cairns offers easy-going birding days for those seeking an introduction to the birds and habitats of the region, as well as more focused, faster-paced birding and mammal-watching chasing after the spectacular specialties of the Wet Tropics. Cairns is well-suited for dedicated birding, birding with a camera, or bird and nature photographers, and is popular among both beginner and more-experienced field naturalists. These tours can be tailored for all of these varied birding/wildlife/photography needs. Aside from our focussed tours, we are world-leaders at trips that are the best of both worlds with the Birding with a Camera tours (BwC) trips, which allow you to focus on birding, but change gears rapidly when there is a bird or animal that would make a great photo subject; this allows you to still see most of the species, but bag a load of keeper shots by spending some extra time with a photo subject when needed.


Custom Tours: While TB AUS offers these as set-departure day tours, we can also accommodate custom tours in order to chase specific targets, or focus on certain aspects of photography or natural history you are particularly interested in. Call us for a consultation on your interests at any time, even just for a chat.

Savanna Tour - Birding, Photography, and BwC

These tours focus on a visit to the open eucalypt savannas and remnant patches of monsoon forest that occur west of Cairns, with a visit to nearby tropical wetlands.

This gives us a chance to see birds as varied as Australian Bustard, Green Pygmy Goose and White-browed Robin.

Australian Open Eucalypt savanna-01_edited.jpg
Australian BustardA84X7511-Edit_edited.png

Lowland Rainforest Tour - Birding, Photography, and BwC

These tours focus on the tropical lowland rainforests in Cairns and south of there, and combines this with visits to nearby tropical wetlands.

This gives us a chance to see the enormous Southern Cassowary, as well as the gorgeous Lovely Fairywren and diminutive Double-eyed Fig-Parrot.

Australasian tropical lowland rainforest-01_edited.png
Southern Cassowary Sam Woods_edited_edited.jpg

Upland Rainforest Tour - Birding, Photography, and BwC

These tours focus on the upland rainforests of the Atherton Tableland, which are combined with visits to nearby tropical wetlands.

This gives us a chance to look for birds like Golden and Tooth-billed Bowerbirds, and other Atherton specialties, like Pied Monarch and Grey-headed Robin. 

Australia Upland Rainforest.png
Golden Bowerbird Sam Woods_edited.jpg

Cairns BIG-day Tour - Birding and BwC

These tours cram in as many habitats and birds as possible, covering coastal habitats, upland rainforest and tropical savanna in one crazy day full of birds!

Australasian tropical lowland rainforest-01_edited.png
Australia Upland Rainforest.png
Australian Open Eucalypt savanna-01_edited.jpg
Australasian mangroves-01_edited.jpg
lovely fairywren-Edit-Edit_edited.jpg
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